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Candor Taiwan CPAs
Michael Chu and some experienced partners established Candor Taiwan CPAs on 1st January 1992, in order to provide better professional service for clients.

The headquarter is in Taipei. There are around 100 employees. Chairman, Rex Lai CPA and other partners, Michael Chu CPA, Vincent Chang CPA, Jerry Lin CPA, Sunny Liao CPA, Angela Lee CPA , Alpha Chan CPA, Tiffany Hou CPA, Eva Chan CPA, Linda Lin CPA, Ken Lin CPA , Justin Lin CPA ,Ben Chen CPA ,Elson Chen CPA , Lee Joe CPA, Linus Tsai CPA, Rachel Hu CPA and Kevin Lin CPA provide professional audit, tax, bookkeeping, consulting and business registration service base on the enthusiastic attitude.
Candor Taiwan CPAs
With increasing globalisation of free trade, some important changes and effect will occur in the near future, especially after entering WTO and the signing of The Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) with mainland China. We have to face some problems, like the rising of Asia Emergent Market and the trend of liberalism and internationalism in economy and trade of Great China.

Our firm's English name has a special meaning: the word "Candor" means our CPA executive their practice with attitude and principle of fairness and objectivity; the word "Taiwan" means our firm was established in Taiwan; the words " Candor Taiwan" together mean Candor Taiwan CPAs will play an important roll in the Asia market to provide fair and objective services for the companies in Asia.
HLB International
HLB International is a world-wide network of independent professional accounting firms and business advisers. The network comprises 900 offices in over 150 countries. Member firms provide clients with a comprehensive and personal service relating to auditing, taxation, accounting and business and financial management advice.

Candor Taiwan CPAs is HLB member firm. Member firms required to meet stringent qualification assurance in order to maintain the strength and credibility, and ensure the close cooperation between partners and clients.
Global in Reach , Local in Touch
HLB International's member firms are wellestablished firms of high local standing which can provide high quality audit, tax, financial advisory services, etc., at both national and international levels to all sizes of clients. These clients range from large publicly listed and public sector clients through to owner-managed, director-controlled companies. HLB International's member firms regularly involve in multi-national assignments and work with colleagues around the world. They are well aware of the needs of clients with international operations and can respond accordingly.

HLB refers to "Helping Local Business Internationally".
International Contact Window:
Yvonne Liao
Manager of International Affairs
Tel: + 886 2-2763-8098 ext. 833
Fax: +886 2-2749-3735
Email: yvonne@taiwancpa.com.tw